Heating System Maintenance

Why Buy a Heating & Cooling Precision Tune Up / Professional Maintenance Agreement?

A maintenance agreement with SM Heating & Air Conditioning provides you with routine preventative maintenance of your equipment thus allowing the lowest operating costs while giving you the highest probability of year round comfort.  A Maintenance Agreement with SM Heating & Air Conditioning can:

Reduce your fuel bills:

By cleaning and calibrating your equipment on a regular basis, the use of energy will be maximized, therefore keeping your fuel bills in check.

Prolong your equipment life:

Routine maintenance keeps your equipment in top operating condition.  This prolongs its life, therefore lowering your annual cost of equipment.

Maximize Safety:

Routine maintenance assures the safe operation of your equipment by correcting potential problems before they occur.

The heat exchanger is one of the most important parts of your furnace.  It vents out poisonous gas such as carbon monoxide away from your home.  If it gets damaged, toxic gas may get into your home.  These cracks may go unnoticed without regular maintenance.

Please contact our office to schedule your precision tune up and professional maintenance today!